Saturday, November 04, 2006

Supersnazz, Solo Live At The Shelter

Sixteen years.

That's a long time, and that's the number of years Supersnazz has been playing.

At their solo show at the Shimokitazawa Shelter, vocalist Spike said some of you must have been little babies when Supersnazz started (after which she joked she too was only two years old at the beginning).

And, looking at the chain-smoking, biker-jacket-and-side-striped-T-shirt- wearing crowd that packed the Shelter, it didn't seem likely that many of these fans were there at the start a decade and a half ago.

Over the years as old fans departed new ones must have boarded the Supersnazz train: I too only found out about this great quartet this year. But the crowd seemed to know all the old songs, punching their fists in the air at the intros (like in the photo above) and toasting with their cups of beer.

I don't know how many years more they can keep it up, but, I hope, it's many.

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