Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Advantage Lucy In The Aquarium

Well I didn't actually see advantage Lucy at an aquarium and was at the Club Que as usual, but that's what I felt.

In spite of the amplified sound and the crowd, there was the peace of staring into the water, watching creatures going around.

Maybe it was all the old, familar songs played, like “Citrus” and “Metro” and “We Go”, as well as the mellow vibe of the audience.

Vocalist Aiko's eyes looked moist for much of the show, for reasons I didn't know. Was she moved there were so many people to see them, at one of their first gigs in a while? Or because there were Korean and Chinese names on the guest list, come all the way to Tokyo to see the show? Or was it just the music?

I felt a part of something, but at the same time felt separated from the stage, a charmed space, like the marine world behind the glass.

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