Monday, April 30, 2007

A Few Favorite Bands' Videos Found On Youtube

Surfing YouTube, I found videos by a few favorite artists...

This is from Spangle call Lilli line's Koto civic auditorium show a few years' back. If you are a Spangle fan and don't own 68scll, you should try to track down a copy, because it puts them in a different light, the live strings adding even more colors to their gorgeous palette of sound.

Here is enigmatic, sweet-voiced pop unit Cecil's new single, "Namida No Tsubomi ["The Teardrop's Bud"...hmmm, not quite as poetic as the Japanese...]. This year they are supposed to release a new CD, which I'm very much looking forward to. 

Capsule sometimes gets a bad rap as Pizzicato Five clones and so on, but I think they're one of the better Japanese units around now. One of their recent shows apparently got shut down by the Tokyo fire department because too many people showed up. Beautiful imagery in this video too.

Time-travel back to 1992, when Grunge was big, Supersnazz was the next big girl band from Japan (after Shonen Knife), and they went on a long Europe tour... I think that's where this video is from. They rocked back then, and they still do.

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