Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm glad Momus has profiled the duo Lullatone because their 'pajama pop' really sounds like my kind of thing. I love the 8mm music video "bedroom bossa nova" on their website showing a pajama-clad Shawn tapping a toy xylophone in the oshi-ire while Yoshimi gets up from a futon and grabs a mike lying around so she can sing.

One thing though, ever since I saw their name "Lullatone", it's been doing laps inside my head--I know I've heard it somewhere before but I can't remember where. If all the bands I know well form a small circle, there's a penumbra around it of groups whose names I've heard but not their music, or I saw them once but they didn't leave an impression, or they were at an event I went to but I missed their set, or maybe I just imagine I've heard of them but actually haven't (and beyond this penumbra is the endless, dark outer space of bands I know nothing about), and that's the case with Lullatone. I'm trying to recall why I know them, but I'm blanking.

Their website says they were at the Formoz festival in Taipei last year, which I attended, and maybe I saw their name there? Hmm, the mystery...

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