Tuesday, February 01, 2005

d(^o^)b E-mail From Yumi d(^o^)b

I always like getting e-mails from Yumi of Orange Plankton not only because it's a good feeling to receive correspondence from the singer of a band I think is one of the best in Japan, but also because I enjoy looking at all the happy typographical creatures that populate her e-mails.

For example, in her latest message, in the subject line saying 'It's Yumi', there is this guy, smiling and giving the thumbs' up:


After 'Dear Ken' in the text is a shy creature,


her (?) cheeks blushing as if she met someone unexpectedly.

Where Yumi says she is psyched about a future show in Okinawa sit these twins,


with musical eighth-notes on either side of them (I don't know how to generate that symbol). Do they represent Yumi and Orange Plankton's pianist, Yuki?

And the e-mail closes with a happy but bashful creature:


Every e-mail of hers is filled with these shift-key spirits.

But don't think she is one of those mindless people who type little happy faces all day: no, in reality, she's a poet. If you can read Japanese, take a look at her song lyrics, full of vivid images that stay in the mind.

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