Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hartfield Becomes A Duo

Tokyo rock band Hartfield says in its e-mail magazine that bassist Komine and drummer Tatsu are leaving the band, making it a duo rather than a quartet. I'll miss the two, but what can you do, nothing's permanent. The band says it will have guest musicians playing the rhythm parts at shows, and their April 25 gig at the Que (with Kaimy Plants, ZARIGANI 5 and Throw Curve)will be the last one in Japan for a while so make sure to attend it.

Meanwhile, in an interesting pairing, Hartfield says it will tour South Korea from April 29 with Swinging Popsicle. The two bands play quite difference types of music--Hartfield, melodic rock with lots of distortion, while Swinging Popsicle is soulful pop--but they are both outstanding bands and well worth going to see if you are in the area.

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