Wednesday, November 09, 2005 On Nomiya Maki Show

A nice review of ex-Pizzicato Five singer Nomiya Maki's record release party show is up on Many of Patrick's references to post-Shibuya-kei (?) artists went over my head, but I found I enjoyed just imagining what these guys with wacky names are like. For example:

Then p&art sasanoooha came on stage, dancing around wearing their superb "panda blousons" and playing with three large panda heads, for their song odoru "oshare techō". After a quick costume change, Oui Oui appeared, and sang their great cover of tATu's Not Gonna Get Us, which fit perfectly with the Oui Oui concept. Next, Akagi Tadaharu (ex-Films) joined Maki to sing the Yamo (Kraftwerk)-produced Yamate Line. Then appeared a few surprising dancers in white KKK-ish outfits, later to reveal themselves as girls of Romantica (and their undies as well), while Maki sang Kiss' I Was Made For Lovin' You.

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