Friday, June 25, 2004

More Names - Vasallo Crab 75

Further to last post, in my quest to find out how Japanese bands come up with their names, I've made another discovery: why 'Vasallo Crab 75' is called that.

The truth of the matter: the two guys that formed the band, Daisuke Kudo and the late Takayuki Fukumura, were both born in 1975, or the Year of the Crab. Therefore, the 'Crab' and the '75'.

As for 'Vasallo', it refers to the swimming technique used by Daichi Suzuki, the 1988 Seoul Olympic gold medalist. The two thought it would be funny if a crab swam Vasallo style, and the name 'Vasallo Crab 75' was born.

This info is from an interview with Kudo published in the excellent Japanese indies music magazine Cookie Scene.

At this rate, I'll know the secret behind ALL the good Japanese bands by the end of 2004!

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