Saturday, May 07, 2005

Apila, Reiji Okii Radio Interviewed

Jens Petersen from Sweden wrote to tell me he's done Internet radio interviews of Apila and Reiji Okii, the former leader of the defunct Japanese band Cymbals. I'm a big fan of Apila, who is a female Japanese solo musician, so I enjoyed listening to her talk about recording with Teenage Fanclub, her thoughts on football/soccer, and other matters. (At one point she talked about how, in Japan, when people record music the sessions go from morning to midnight without breaks, but in Glasgow, where she recorded with members of Teenage Fanclub, she and her colleagues frequently took time off to visit the local pub. She says there would often be three to four beer breaks in one day.)

Apila talks in English while Okii speaks in Japanese with interpretations by Petersen. The interview podcast of the show, called MeroMero, mixes in songs by Apila and the Cymbals, so if you are curious to know what these artists sound like, I'd highly recommend it.

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