Friday, May 27, 2005

Bassist Yosiko Quits Farmstay

I found out reading Tokyo rock band Farmstay's e-mail magazine that bassist Yosiko has decided to leave the band. She was in Farmstay for two years. Mysteriously, she writes that she will now "be involved in music in a different environment". No reason was given for her taking off.

Yosiko will be missed. With facial expressions somewhere between apathy and slight amusement, her bass hanging so low that it nearly touched the stage, she pounded out the pop punk bass lines of Farmstay. I liked it that she was the only girl in the quartet, and more than kept up with the guys.

I like bands that include both guys and girls. Well, actually, I like all-girl bands a lot too. I think I simply really like the idea of female rock musicians, particularly if they play the bass or drums, which you still don't see too often in Tokyo. I wonder what Farmstay will be like with Yosiko gone.

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