Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Songs From advantage Lucy's Echo Park

Tokyo pop band advantage Lucy has published on its website the list of songs that will be on the group's new album, Echo Park, due for release on Sept. 28.

Some of these songs I've heard live and/or on compilations, and they're all wonderful: "Glider", "Anderson", "Shiosai [which means, 'sound of waves']", for example. Others are brand new. I'm looking forward to seeing how the songs go together.

One song I'm especially happy will be included in the album is "Akai Natsu". I heard this simple tune once at a show and it's stayed in my mind. The song title literally means "vermilion summer", but its real meaning is the period in life after youth. In Japanese, youth is 'seishun', or, literally, 'green spring'. What follows that season is a hot, red summer, as in the song title.

Judging from "Akai Natsu" and the other songs I've heard (and the album title Echo Park, probably, for that matter), the main theme of this album will be the passage of time, memories, loss and discoveries. A lot has happened to this band in the four years since the release of its last album, and I have a feeling that Echo Park will a beautiful memorial of those years.

Their website now has an English section dealing with the new album, by the way. Guess who helped them with that?

The songs: 1. glider 2. spur line 3. Anderson 4. Akai Natsu 5. Tooi Hi ['A Day Far Away'] 6. Shiosai 7. is this love? 8. splash 9. planeteria 10. everything 11. time after time

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