Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Music Meme Mike

Frangiapani’s Martine has passed me the music meme mike, so here goes:

Total volume of music files on my computer: 381.8MB. (I had more than 10GB of iPod songs, but my computer crashed recently and I lost all the files. I still have them on my iPod but don’t know how to transfer the songs back to my iTune library. Anyone know?)

Song playing right now: Waffles’ “Life”, the first song on their album Orangery.

The last CD I bought: Shostakovich’s 8th Symphony, conducted by Mstislav Rostropovich. London Symphony Orchestra. (I don’t ONLY listen to J-Pop. Plus this CD only cost about 1,100 yen ((about $11)).)

Five songs or tunes I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

Sonic Youth’s “The Sprawl” from Daydream Nation—I discovered this album my freshman year in college, and it seemed to open up new musical possibilities, especially the first three songs, and particularly this song.

my bloody valentine’s “swallow” from tremolo e.p.—Contained in a cassette tape my roommate brought from the U.S., this song became part of my personal soundtrack during a year of studies in Beijing.

Pizzicato Five’s “On the Sunny Side of the Street"—Listened to repeatedly in the late-90’s, this song embodied for me the elegance and excitement of Tokyo in that period (even though, to be sure, the economy was in a prolonged slump…).

The Bill Evans Trio’s “In Love in Vain” from Moonbeams—Obsessively listened to during a period when I was feeling empty, the colors of the song seemed almost unbearably vivid.

Advantage Lucy’s “Chikyu- (far away version)” from Killermont Street 2001—This song caught my attention in a compilation album. It was my first listen of advantage Lucy, and it started many things.


I’m supposed to pass the mike to five other people, but can’t think of anyone. If anyone is interested in continuing with this meme, be my guest!

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