Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pizzicato Five Nomiya Maki Blog

Pizzicato Five fans! Singer Nomiya Maki has started her own blog. (Thanks to for info.) It looks good so far, but unfortunately for non-Japanese speakers, it's in Japanese.

I like her second post, where she talks about how she has good constitution and only called in sick once her whole time in Pizzicato. That was when a music video was supposed to be filmed on a boat in Tokyo Bay, but she had an upset stomach and thought she wouldn't return if she went to sea.

The filming was postponed until a later date, and on that day when was doing make-up on the bus over, Yasuharu Konishi came by and gave her a small bouquet of yellow and orange gerbera flowers. This was a sweet gesture because Nomiya was feeling guilty about having missed the previous filming, she writes.

But now that she asks Konishi about this incident, he doesn't seem to remember and only recalls that 30 boxed lunches for staffers went to waste because the first filming was canceled, or maybe Konishi is just being shy, Ms. Nomiya says.

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