Saturday, June 18, 2005

Advantage Lucy Drummer Banba Quits

Kaname Banba, who was advantage Lucy's drummer from the beginning, announced he is quitting the band, and also ending his music career. "Music ceased to be the most important thing for me," he wrote in Lucy's home page to explain his decision.

Banba's announcement made official what was already, de facto, reality. For the last couple of years he hadn't played at Lucy's shows, and as far as I know he didn't record with the band. I had heard that he was now focused on a new career.

I've said this before but to say it once again, though I love advantage Lucy as they are now, I wish I could have seen them in the late 90's when all four original members were there, with Banba on drums and Fukumura-kun playing guitar, recording masterpieces like the album Fanfare. But I didn't know about the band back then, and there's nothing you can do about past ignorance. At least I was able to see Banba when he played drums for his other band, Orang, smiling always on stage.

Take care, Banba-san.

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