Thursday, December 02, 2004

Myongdong Bacchanalia

Myongdong Bacchanalia. Posted by Hello

My friend Wonyul told me about an all-night show Saturday he’s organized in Seoul that made me want to hop on the plane from Tokyo to see. The local PTA definitely won’t approve of it.

It starts at 10PM at the club Kuchu Camp in Seoul’s Myongdong district, and all guests will be checked at the door with a breathalyzer, the gadget that police make you exhale into to see if you’ve had drinks of the alcoholic variety. Only, at this event, the staff won’t let you in if your breathalyzer test shows 0% alcohol in your body. On the other hand, the drunker you are, the bigger a discount you get at the door. (That should be a cheap show for me.)

But Wonyul, I asked, what about people who can’t drink? "And those who are too young to drink or can’t drink, they can come see us next time. Haha," he writes. Ha ha... Wonyul’s band Julia Hart will be playing. I hope he won’t drop his bass.

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