Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ging Nang Boy Caught With Pants Down

Ging Nang Boyz singer Kazunobu Mineta has landed in trouble for following an old rock 'n' roll tradition dating back at least to the Doors' Jim Morrison: deciding to remove his trousers on stage and showing his manhood to the audience.

The incident actually happened more than two months ago at an outdoor music festival with a crowd of about 45,000. But police have just now busted Mineta by sending complaint paperwork to prosecutors, which is a slap in the wrist and almost always means the accused won't have to serve any time.

What I found most amusing about this incident was the way fans and others responded to it in the Ging Nang Boyz message board, which has exploded with comments. Many commenters are critical, saying that what he did was a crime, and he especially shouldn't have done the Full Monty in a outdoor festival where many children were present.

Others say, what's the big deal, bad boy rock 'n' rollers will be bad boy rock 'n' rollers. Some spout the nudist party line, saying the naked body is natural, why should he be busted for this, Fight the Power, and so on. There's even one fan who says, people shouldn't criticize Mineta unless they were at the show, when he dropped his pants it was such a moving thing I was reduced to tears. A bit hard to imagine that, but if you say so...

I don't know much about Ging Nang Boyz other than that they are a punk band that seems to appeal to teenagers, though this news has made me more curious about them. But if I went out and bought a CD of theirs because of this, I might just be playing into their hands if, just maybe, this was a publicity stunt on the Ging Nang Boyz's part...

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