Monday, October 17, 2005

A Note From A Korean advantage Lucy Fan

Knowing the members of Tokyo pop band advantage Lucy in person and knowing how un-celebrity-like they are, I sometimes forget that these are musicians loved not only by many in Japan, but also by fans in Korea, China, Taiwan, the U.S., Brazil, various countries in Europe, and other parts of the world.

But on occasion I'm reminded of this fact.

That was the case tonight when I saw a message from a Korean fan on the band's message board. This person had written earlier that he or she would go to Lucy's mini-live and CD autographing event at a Yokohama record shop that happened on Sunday. Tonight, the person wrote that he/she was now back in Korea, and thanked the band for the show and for signing his/her copy of Echo Park, the band's new album.

Both messages were generated using translation software, so there were strange parts, non-sensical Chinese characters here and there, but overall, the messages were understandable, and I was touched by the latest message, because I knew where he/she was coming from. Here's what it said:

I'm home.
This is Korea.

I still can't write Japanese.
I don't know if the translation machine will convey correctly what I say,

I felt happiness being able to listen to your music.
Thank you very much for greeting me in a friendly way.
I really like you, so my heart beat hard and my hands shook.

I'm happy your music exists.
Please continue with your music, don't quit.

Thank you very much.
Good night.
Good bye.

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