Saturday, October 09, 2004

Braving the Typhoon For Lucy and Plectrum

Singer Aiko of advantage Lucy. Posted by Hello

A powerful typhoon hit Japan today and was due to land in Tokyo right about the time a show featuring Tokyo rock bands advantage Lucy and Plectrum was to start. Authorities were advising people to stay indoors. I ignored them. It would take a lot more than mere wind and rain to keep me away from a Lucy/Plectrum show.

Still, when I left my apartment to leave for the Shimokitazawa Club Que, the scene outside was grim. Gusts of wind blew the rain sideways, and rain flowed in the gutter like a river. I curled under my umbrella and dashed for a cab.

But even if I became sopping wet going to Club Que, I knew that the club at least would be dry, and more importantly, I’d be surrounded by Lucy and Plectrum true believers. Those fans who would rather be wet and miserable than miss a show.

Amazingly, the Que was packed tonight, with more than 100 people in the audience despite the storm. I felt camaraderie.

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