Thursday, October 21, 2004

School Girl '69, Condor 44, Kao at O-Nest

School Girl '69 at the Shibuya O-Nest Posted by Hello

School Girl '69 is a quartet from Kita-Kyushu that plays pop-punk-New Wave tunes. Their main singer, a guy, has such a high, helium-ingested-sounding voice that when I first heard one of their CDs, I wasn’t sure whether it was a guy or a girl. But that voice goes well with their cute pop sound. And they are a good live band. It’s always a pleasure to see them when they visit Tokyo.

(For some reason, I think this blog might get more search engine hits after this post gets published about a JAPANESE band named SCHOOL GIRL 69 playing in TOKYO. Just a wild hunch.)

Pianist/singer Kao playing between sets. Posted by Hello

Between sets, a girl named Kao played solo piano songs. Listening to her tunes was a nice way to pass the time while bands set up on stage.

Condor 44's bassist. Posted by Hello

It took longer than usual for the last band of the night, Condor 44, to set up, because they had to move the drum set to the right side of the stage. Condor 44's musicians like to be positioned in a semi-circle on stage, with the drums on the right, keyboard in the center, and guitar and bass on the left. The website Rock of Japan describes their sound well – "thoughtful spacy pop". They are an understated band. At the end of their good set, they shuffled off the stage, and when the applause became a modest request for an encore, they shuffled back onto the stage to play one more song.

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