Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Unwind With J-Pop Punk! - browny circus

SURF-TRIP! Posted by Hello

What do you listen to after a long, tiring day?

In my case, I steer clear of the heavy stuff. No Coltrane or classical music symphonies – I wouldn’t be able to focus. Mellow music doesn’t work either. I’d simply fall asleep.

No, after a Day from Hell, what I need is upbeat, simple, melody-filled rock music. Like the Japanese all-girl rock trio, the Clicks, for example.

Another Japanese band that is perfect for my exhausted evenings is a band called Browny Circus, who just released the album ‘Surf-Trip!’. Everything about the album radiates with positive vibes, including the back cover photo of the band with its two girl members smiling brightly.

Browny Circus is from Fukui Prefecture, which is on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Their music might be described as Japanese girl-pop surf-punk, though in my ignorance I’m not sure if people ride waves on the Sea of Japan side (as opposed to the Pacific side), and so I don’t know if the Browny Circus people are actual surfers. In their photos on the album they do project a surfer aura though.

In any case, the Browny Circus songs on ‘Surf-Trip!’, averaging about two minutes a piece, are fast and sweet, like catching a tube when surfing.

Browny Circus, by the way, was supposed to play in Tokyo later this month with the Clicks and others, but their website says all their shows have been canceled for now because of the sudden illness of one of the members. There weren’t any more details. Hope it’s not serious.

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