Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Orange Plankton at the Shibuya Plug

Orange Plankton at Shibuya Plug. Posted by Hello

Tuesday night's Orange Plankton show at the Shibuya Plug wasn't the most dazzling performance I'd seen of the Japanese piano pop quartet, compared with past shows. There were some sound problems, and maybe the band wasn't completely fired up because they were up first, there weren't that many people in the audience, and the women sitting at the tables in front of the stage looked bored.

But Orange Plankton on a not-best night is still very, very good. A friend I took to see them for the first time was excited enough about the show that he bought two albums by the band on the spot.


The Plug is a relatively new and comfy club underneath the McDonald's in Shibuya on the way to Tower Records. The staff is very friendly. They had created a cocktail called Orange Plankton just for the night, mixing orange juice with several different liquers. It wasn't bad.

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