Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Clicks at Club 251

The Clicks at Club 251. Posted by Hello

My second time seeing the Clicks live. The three-girl rock trio is a striking group to watch on stage. Yuko, the singer and guitarist, is tall and long-limbed, with an expression of focus and concentration on her face, while Chiharu the bassist is short and relaxed, looking around during the show and seeming to have a good time. Yuki, the drummer, sits back with a somber look. Tonight, they all wore black Clicks t-shirts with mini-skirts in primary colors.

Their music is straightforward rock, but good to listen to. The tunes are usually love songs sung over light punk/hard rock melodies. Yuko plays mini guitar solos from time to time on her aqua blue guitar.

Chiharu of the Clicks. Posted by Hello

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