Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Orange Plankton Song Samples

Orange Plankton is an up-and-coming pop quartet originally from Osaka. Their music is soothing, and I often listen to them in the morning on the way to work as I attempt to face a new day. Orange Plankton's fourth album is due out on August 22. I'm buying it that day.

It's hard to tell what a song or band is like listening to a 30-second snippet of a song, but it's better than nothing, so here is a link to some song samples. If you can't read Japanese, find the lines above the three pictures that say 'ram', and click on them. You may need to download Real Player first -- click on the icon is on the same page to do that.

From the top, the first song, with the pink and green illustration, is 'sangatsu no koto (About March)' , the second is 'yoru no owari (End of Night), and the one at the bottom with a picture of the band members is 'Ai no Youna (Like Love)' [all translations mine], their latest single. 


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