Thursday, July 22, 2004

House Lights/Plan at Shinjuku Loft

House Lights at the Shinjuku Loft. Posted by Hello

The HOUSE LIGHTS and HOUSE PLAN are in the house tonight at the Shinjuku Loft.

I went to this legendary Tokyo rock club to see the Japanese rock band House Plan. As I've written before, they are a Japanese rock band I liked a lot in the late 90's, but the band disappeared from sight for a few years, only to re-emerge last year with a different member line-up.

By coincidence, appearing the same evening at the club was the House Lights of the U.S., playing the third of their fourth show on their Tokyo tour. I'd seen them at their first show at the Red Cloth, when I also had gone to see a different band (Orang). They were good that night, and they rocked tonight too. 

House Lights. Posted by Hello

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