Friday, July 30, 2004

Honesty at the Que

Honesty Posted by Hello

Honesty, a rock duo (they're looking for a drummer), played before Plectrum at the Que.

Their music was eclectic (rock, reggae and folk were some of the apparent influences), and their playing was accomplished. With just a guitar, bass and a sampler/drug machine, they made a lot of far-out noise.

Honesty was also on the eccentric side. They put on Billy Joel's song 'Honesty' before the show started, and hit the stage just as Joel crooned 'Ho---nestyeeee'. They set up a video on the stage that showed various random images like an animation of Pinocchio shedding tears. The big joke of the night was that the audience made the right choice to come to this show rather than Fuji Rock Festival to see Lou Reed, the Pixies and others.

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