Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Bank$ Live At The Que 2

Yuhi Komiyama, the Bank$ singer/keyboardist. Posted by Hello
Between songs, Komiyama talks and talks and talks.
Tonight, among other things, he discussed how:
1. Before the show started, he went upstairs to a manga cafe (a cafe where you pay by the hour to sit and check out some of the thousands of Japanese comic books - manga - on the shelves) and read a big chunk of a manga series called "Kaiji" (a story about gambling, one of whose extended episodes deals with a luxury cruiser which collects people who have heavy debt, and makes them compete in a complex, psychologically-demanding card game, with the winners having their debt forgiven and the loser suffering an unstated terrible fate);
2. He's been appointed to be a Store-Manager-For-A-Day at Highline record store in Tokyo, and on that day he will allow everyone to shoplift whatever CDs they want, as long as they buy the Bank$'s new album;
3.  He had to go to the hospital yesterday because he was feeling ill, and a middle-aged nurse had trouble poking the needle into his arm to give him an IV. The nurse called over her favorite doctor to get help and used Komiyama as a prop for an in-hospital romance worthy of an episode of ER in Japan;
And so on. Komiyama said he was taking steroids that the hospital gave him yesterday because he still wasn't completely well, but you couldn't tell that at all from his super energy level during the show. 

Acky guitaring for the Bank$.  Posted by Hello

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