Monday, July 11, 2005

Advantage Lucy's New E.P. - Details

advantage Lucy's new Hello again e.p. Posted by Picasa

Tokyo pop band advantage Lucy has published on its website more details about its new e.p., coming out on July 22.

It will be called Hello again--a fitting title for the brilliant band's first real release in about four years.

The e.p. will have four songs, starting with 'Glider', a rocking tune that's already been released on a soundtrack, and of which I've written (though maybe this will be a different version?); 'Hello again' and 'Smile', two brand new songs; and a live version of 'Chikyu' ['earth'], recorded at the last Lucy show.

I was at the show where 'Chikyu' was recorded, so maybe if you have CSI-type high tech equipment you could isolate my applause from that of the rest of the crowd?

This e.p. will only be sold on the Internet, and at the band's shows. It will go on sale for the first time at advantage Lucy's show on July 22 at the Aoi Heya [Blue Room] in Shibuya. Edgar Franz, who organized this midnight event, told me, as he always does, that this will be the best show of the year in Tokyo. It will also feature Edgar's band Miniskirt, the Aprils, Metro, Bad Daughter from Taiwan, a guy named Dr. Usui, and DJ's visiting from Spain.

If you are reading this and think you will be in Tokyo and have time on the 22nd, you should join the party that night, and please believe me when I say you should buy the e.p. because you will not be disappointed.

(P.S. - A full album is also due to come out in a few months, though the date isn't yet set.)

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