Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hi-5 at Shibuya La Mama

Hi-5's Keyboardist. Posted by Hello

Hi-5 was an awesome techno/disco/hard rock band I saw for the first time. They were like an emo New Order (if that's not contradictory).


An amazing thing about tonight's show, featuring the Tron, Hi-5 and Hartfield, was that in audience of maybe fifty people were about a half a dozen women in yukata, a light summer kimono that Japanese girls often wear to festivals and firework displays. Today there was a festival in the nearby Azabu Jyuban neighborhood and fireworks along the Tama River.

The women in yukata were swinging to heavily amplified rock music. Only in Japan!


The last band of the night, the Tron, were good, but I don't remember much about their music except that they played with two basses in addition to two guitars, which seemed novel.

Their band name got me thinking: wasn't there a video game in the 80's called Tron, based on a science-fiction Disney movie of that name? I seem to remember it was fun except for the fact that there were around four sub-games that you had to clear to move up one level, and one of those sub-games was very difficult. Maybe it was the one where a bunch of spider-like creatures attacked you, and you had to shoot them all to survive?

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