Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Kampai! To Wine Tasting, Vineyards in France

This isn't very related to Japanese indies rock, but I'd like to say a big kampai! (cheers!) to the excellent blog Wine Tasting, Vineyards in France. It's written by a Frenchman named Bertrand Celce, and deals with (you guessed it) wine. The blog is filled with crisp, beautiful photos of French vineyards, wine bars and cafes, and happy wine drinkers who are oozing with Frenchness. Little wonder the photos look so good -- Bertrand's bio says he's a photographer.

Drinking is a key component of my Tokyo indies rock experience, but my nectar is mostly beer and bad cocktails. It's hard to picture sipping a nice Bordeaux in one of the grungy Tokyo live houses.

Anyway -- kampai, Bertrand!

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