Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Spectrum Live at Kuchu Camp (Seoul)

The Grande Finale - a Beatles Cover. Posted by Hello

For the grand finale, Plectrum, Swinging Popsicle and Linus' Blanket played a Beatles cover together.

The show's over. Posted by Hello

I see a lot of strange and funny thing going to rock shows, but what I witnessed at the end of the Kuchu Camp show must be one of the funnier and stranger things I've ever seen.

Their name was Spectrum.

Spectrum!!! Posted by Hello

Composed of Kuchu Camp owner Sutekky, a female drummer and a guitar and a bass, they were a cover band of Plectrum. Hence, 'Spectrum'.

Only six months ago, there was probably only a handful of Koreans who knew about Plectrum. Now there was a bar full of admiring fans, and a COPY BAND.

Spectrum played one Plectrum song. Their performance was pretty rough, but full of spirit. Sutekky threw the mike stand down to the floor the second he started singing. And he sang the entire song in Japanese. It was wonderful to watch. The members of Plectrum loved it.


So ended Plectrum's and Swinging Popsicle's Seoul shows. But the night wasn't quite over yet. There was still the uchiage, the party that all Japanese bands throw to celebrate the success of shows, where booze flows freely. That night it was beer and soju over Korean barbecue.

Uchiage, the post-show party. Posted by Hello

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