Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vasallo Crab 75 at Shinjuku Marz

Vasallo Crab 75 Posted by Hello

Vasallo Crab 75, playing at the rock club Shinjuku Marz in western Tokyo, was great as always, though it wasn't the best performance I'd seen of this quintet. I didn't feel sucked into their music like I have in the past.

Maybe I'm still reeling from the shock of Orange Plankton's last show, making me unable to dig other bands as much. (Orange Plankton's show was incredible. A bunch of new fans have written in their home page to say how the show moved them.)

But I did figure out one thing tonight -- why Vasallo Crab always hangs a disco ball in front of one of the amps. They do that because it looks cool when a spot light hits the disco ball, rays radiating outwards like a sea urchin of light.

When singer Daisuke Kudo stood in front of the lit disco ball, the lights looked like they were coming out of his back. He was like one of those Buddhist sculptures with a thousand arms.


Because Vasallo Crab 75 is a bands' band, their shows attract a lot of local musicians.

In the audience tonight: girl members of Lost in Found, and a guy from Swinging Popsicle. Both are Tokyo indies guitar pop bands.

Vasallo Crab 75 Posted by Hello

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