Saturday, September 11, 2004

Miniskirt at the Que

Edgar of Miniskirt. Posted by Hello

Miniskirt is a Tokyo guitar pop band headed by Edgar Franz, a German musician/academic living in Japan. Edgar is an interesting guy -- I don't know any foreigner who knows more about Japanese indies bands, and he has a strong opinion on each one of the bands he knows. (His list of 25 favorite Japanese musicians is worth a look.)

Sachiko of Miniskirt (Kenmi on drums). Posted by Hello

He's also a Player in the Tokyo indies music scene. As far as I know Edgar is the only foreigner who can arrange shows at the prestigious Shimokitazawa Que, a dinky basement rock club that is known for its quality acts, and the management's pickiness in booking those artisits.

He planned tonight's show at the Que featuring Scottish singer Momus. Edgar was also behind the Melody Go Round show, which brought together in Seoul in March four great Japanese bands: advantage Lucy, Plectrum, Lost in Found, and his own group, Miniskirt (Linus' Blanket of Seoul also played). The show was a smashing success.

Those five bands will play again together on January 22, this time at the Que in Tokyo. Edgar planned that one too. If you are in Tokyo on that day and are even slightly interested in guitar pop, I highly recommend the show. Finally, Edgar is taking his band to Manila on September 18 to play with, I think he said, SIX Philippine guitar bands. It sounds like it will be an absolutely wild event. Wish I could go.

Edgar with Tsugumi of Kofta. Posted by Hello

Miniskirt's show tonight was about the fifth time I saw the six-person band, and it was the best performance I've seen of them. Edgar is good at capturing the hearts of the audience members with his little jokes in heavily German-accented Japanese. (He put on those 70's-ish sunglasses in the photos because, he said, he's 'shy' -- yeah right.) Edgar plays well the role of a henna gaijin, a weird foreigner.

The music is short, simple and sweet, the aural equivalent of pastries. My favorite Miniskirt song of the night was 'Tongue Information', which has lines such as:

in the year 2055 the world is gonna be
completly different from what we
can imagine today
self service machines wherever you look
electronic newspapers electronic
skyscrapers touching the cloud's tip of the tongue
elevator music
performed by Thelonious Monk
it's so strange
it's so strange
it's just
love, it`s just love that keeps us together

Mai of Miniskirt. Posted by Hello

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