Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Plectrum's Takata Speaks About Seoul

Plectrum in Seoul. Posted by Hello

I wrote recently about an electrifying moment at Tokyo rock band Plectrum's Seoul show this month: the sound system went out at the club, but instead of stopping the gig, singer Taisuke Takata walked into the audience and sang with them, until, the very moment the speakers came back to life, he jumped back to the mike to finish the song.

Now I've found that Takata himself has written about the experience in his on-line diary. He writes (my translation):

When the mike stopped working during Plectrum's live, I became depressed, thinking we might not be able to continue the show. But to answer everyone's cheers, I tried to sing mike-less 'Till I Die Again' [one of the songs in their latest album Prom Night], which we weren't scheduled to do.

Then, everyone in the hall sang along, both those who knew the lyrics and those who didn't. That really lifted my spirits. Nothing could make a musician happier. Eventually the mike recovered. Now it was my turn to express my gratitude and emotion by playing the best show I could.

The photo he uses in that entry is the one I took and posted in my own entry. Pre-tty cool.

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